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Seeing Eye Graduates Head to Rio

The Olympics are over. But the cheering goes on. Seeing Eye dogs have changed many lives.  (See Miracles in Motion on a previous Mutts.) Jen Ambruster and Becca Meyers are two of them. Jen Ambruster and Becca Myers are two of them.  Between September 7 and September 18, the Paralympics will take place in Rio. … Continue reading


  “They showed me how to put the harness on the dog, and we started down the road. As my legs stretched out and my shoulders went back and my head went up and the wind blew in my face, I knew I had my independence.” –Morris Frank. Co-Founder of The Seeing Eye®- The Seeing … Continue reading


On January 29, The Seeing Eye in Morristown, New Jersey celebrated its 85th anniversary. The Seeing Eye is the oldest guide dog school in the world, and the only one with a copyright on the term “Seeing Eye Dogs”. It was co-founded by Morris Frank, a young Nashville insurance salesman who was blind, and Dorothy … Continue reading