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Getting Along With Your New BFF

A lot of folks got dogs to keep them and their families company while being self-quarantined during the pandemic. If you are one of them, here are a few things to remember… GROWN-UPS RULE. Especially with puppies. A puppy’s behavior is often unpredictable and inconsistent CHILDREN AND DOGS SHOULD ALWAYS BE SUPERVISED. Especially during play … Continue reading


Poor Penelope. She’s been in lockdown with me during the pandemic. And we were running out of pills. Yes, Penelope is on a medication which she gets from a local drug store. Not wanting to name names (the chain begins with the letter C), I called in to have her pills delivered. Easy? No! Penelope … Continue reading


LESSON EIGHT. GO.  In the previous lesson we learned Here – in other words, to come when called. So it’s only natural to follow up with GO. GO is used when you want your dog to go to bed or into his crate. You can add words after go – like blanket, mat, wherever you … Continue reading

Mighty Mutts

Throughout time, dogs have stepped up to help humans. And here are the stories of three super canine heroes. Barry Barry lived at the Great St. Bernard Hospice in Switzerland where, in the early 1800s, he saved more than 40 lives. His most famous rescue was that of a young boy who fell asleep in … Continue reading


LESSON SEVEN. HERE.  Long ago, when we had our first dog, we were meeting our family at a Broadway theater and we had everyone’s ticket. Before catching the train, we decided to give our dog one more walk. While trying to clip on his leash, he saw a deer and bolted off. He never learned … Continue reading