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188 Terriers

No, this is not at all like 101 Dalmatians. This is the true story of 188 terriers, including new and pregnant moms, that were recently rescued from a hoarding situation by St. Hubert’s in Madison, New Jersey. The dogs had been confined inside a house and never experienced the simple joys in life –  walking … Continue reading


Penelope hates fireworks. And she’s not alone. Like all dogs, Penelope doesn’t know the significance of the Fourth of July. She doesn’t understand the loud noises and flashing lights that come at different intervals. This poses a threat and triggers her fight-or-flight impulse. Did you know that more pets run away on Fourth of July … Continue reading

Beach Patrol

Hi, Penelope reporting in. Life is a beach. And the beach I’m most with familiar with is in Manasquan, New Jersey. You might even say, I am unofficially on patrol. In the morning I see lobster and crab boats. Dogs come and go – always under my watchful eye. There are fishermen on the pier. … Continue reading

True or False?

Truth can be stranger than fiction. Can you tell what is true and what is false? True or False? Australian Shepherds – a.k.a Aussies – originated in Brisbane, Australia? FALSE  The Aussie, as we know it, was developed in the USA in the 1800s.  It was also known as the Bobtail, Blue Heeler, and California … Continue reading

When a Window Closes, a Door Opens

Hi. Penelope here.  Let me tell you about my recent banking experience. My mom and I bank at Chase. My mom told me that about a thousand dog years ago, she wrote their ads. She thinks that’s why we are here. Wrong! It’s because I picked Chase. And it wasn’t because it’s located right in … Continue reading