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Her name was Rosa and her German shepherd was King. At least that’s what it said on the dog’s rabies and shot records when they enrolled at The Rover Reform School. “But,” she told us in heavily accented English “We call’a him Lamb Chops for short.” The first lesson was to get the dogs to … Continue reading


He didn’t look like an athlete. Or much of a he-guy anything. Swisher was a fluffy white terrier that weighed ten pounds. And that was after he was water-logged from jumping into the kiddie pool. There may have been a papillion on his family tree, because he could flutter his ears whenever he wanted. Swisher … Continue reading


Mitzi had the wiry coat of a terrier, the tail of a retriever, and the heart of a hound. When something interested her, she didn’t bark. She tilted her head and wailed for all to hear. At Rover Reform, Mitzi enjoyed learning. And she enjoyed being rewarded even more. It didn’t matter if the reward … Continue reading

An Oodle of a Poodle

Poodles come in three sizes. Some people say four, calling the super tiny ones tea cups. Toy poodles are the tiniest, weighing no more than seven pounds. Next are miniature poodles, weighing as much as 13 pounds. And the largest of the lot are standard poodles, some topping the scales well over 50 pounds. Toys and miniatures … Continue reading