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In the News: Hundreds of Dogs Fly to New Jersey

  As August was ending, The Wings of Rescue took off from Texas for Morristown, New Jersey with a plane full of shelter dogs.At 10:00 PM, wheels were on the ground and volunteers helped unload this precious cargo. First off was Roscoe, a brown and white mix who was all lover boy. By midnight, they … Continue reading

Creatures of the Night

It’s midnight. It rained all day and Penelope has refused to go out. Finally, the rain has stopped, so I coaxed her out, hoping that I wouldn’t find a surprise in the morning. This is the hour that I hear bumps in the night.  Bears have been spotted in my town, foxes in my yard, … Continue reading

Born to Serve

  Meet Otter, a Golden Retriever pup. He is on his way to becoming a guide dog for the blind. Otter’s story began at the Seeing Eye’s 300 acre breeding farm in Chester, New Jersey, where he spent yappy happy days playing with his brothers and sisters. Then he was placed with a puppy raiser … Continue reading

The Price of Love

Recently, I read about Big Splash, the world’s most expensive dog. Big Splash is a Tibetan Mastiff, a rare breed of dog that sold for $1.5 million!  According to the article, the proud new owner of the 180 pound and still-growing pup, was reported to be a coal baron from northern China. Spending mega bucks … Continue reading


In a recent “Mutts” we discovered the sploot. Well, now it’s time to check out the blop. Blop: actually pronounced blap in the dog’s dictionary means to… Stick out one’s tongue just a tiny bit. Informal to convey one’s disregard for the rules. Here are some examples of dogs giving you’re a bit of sass. … Continue reading