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Her Honor, the Mayor

Rabbit Hash is a tiny town (and census-designated place) in Boone County, Kentucky. Its most notable building is the Rabbit Hash General Store, which is regarded as the best known and best preserved country store in Kentucky, and was added to the National Register of Historic Places on February 2, 1989.  On February 13, 2016, … Continue reading

In Honor of Dogs

In Nepal, as well as in parts of India, there is a special celebration that honors dogs. It’s called Tihar, and it’s a 5-day autumn festival of lights. During this time there is gift-giving, storytelling, and recognition of the relations humans have with all things. The second day of this festival is Kukur Tihar, a … Continue reading

The Satos

Today another plane came in from Puerto Rico. This one carried 140 dogs. Most of them were Satos – street dogs.  Puerto Rico has a massive stray dog population.  Many are abandoned on a part of the island called Dead Dog Beach. And with the abandonment cruelty also is present. Some dogs starve.  Some succumb … Continue reading

Wings of Rescue

Recently, countless dogs and cats have been flying in from Texas and Florida. (See last Mutts – In the News: Hundreds of Dogs Fly to New Jersey) And they’re still coming in! St. Hubert’s, in Madison, New Jersey, is now unloading animals from Puerto Rico. Then, volunteers are filling empty crates with water, food, diapers … Continue reading

In the News: Hundreds of Dogs Fly to New Jersey

  As August was ending, The Wings of Rescue took off from Texas for Morristown, New Jersey with a plane full of shelter dogs.At 10:00 PM, wheels were on the ground and volunteers helped unload this precious cargo. First off was Roscoe, a brown and white mix who was all lover boy. By midnight, they … Continue reading