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Waxing PAWetic

While reading the latest newsletter from my friends at the Seeing Eye, I became aware that April is National Poetry month. The actual celebration was introduced in 1996 and organized by the Academy of American Poets as a way to increase awareness and appreciation of poetry in the United States. However, the Seeing Eye and … Continue reading

And the Oscar goes to …

Through the years, there has been a lot of controversy at the Oscar awards ceremony. And that includes last year, when the wrong movie was announced as the winner. But this should come as no big surprise. The Oscars actually began with a controversy back when the very first Academy Awards were held in 1929. … Continue reading

Release the Hounds

Hounds are the original hunting dogs, going back thousands of years. They come in all sizes and colors, ranging from the tall and elegant borzoi to the short-legged dachshund. There are 30 hound breeds recognized by The American Kennel Club. Many are scent hounds that sense prey by smell. Dogs within this group have also been … Continue reading

Striker Strikes Gold

On December 17, 2017, in Orlando, Florida, Grand Champion Silverhall Strike Force, known as Striker for short, triumphed over nearly 5000 dogs to win Best in Show in the American Kennel Club’s National Championship.  Striker is an ASCOB Cocker Spaniel.  Cockers show in three distinct groups:  All black, Parti-colored (multi colored like Penelope and Leia) … Continue reading

Queen Kong

Most dogs like kongs.  And Nikki was no exception. Her favorite kong was stuffed with broken up dog biscuits and a dab of peanut butter. She discovered that if she flung it across the room, little pieces of treats would fall out.  So fling it she did. One day, while walking with her owner, Nikki … Continue reading