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Remembering Lassie

June 4 was the original Lassie’s birthday. Lassie is a fictional character who was featured in a short story that later became a full-length novel called Lassie Come Home. That was just one of many Lassie books to come.   The books led to movies, a radio show and a long running TV series. And, perhaps, the … Continue reading


Recently – collie owners  from , well  everywhere,  traveled  PUP-state  to Wayne, New Jersey for the 19th Annual Gathering at Sunnybank for the benefit of the Collie Health Foundation. There were flat-coated collies. And rough. (Or should we say ruff?) And like this Skye, there were spies. The weather was hot. But all of the … Continue reading


The first, mirrors were probably pools of water or pieces of polished stone. Later, the ancient Egyptians created mirrors from polished copper and the Chinese, from polished bronze. By the 16th century, Venice became renowned for its mirror production. As mirrors evolved, so has the need for humans to check their images. However, only a … Continue reading


From the tip of her pointed nose to her fluffy tail, Tess’ long white coat is immaculately groomed. Not only on Sundays and holidays, but every day. She bunches up her blanket into a pillow when she reposes on her human’s bed. She bats at her owner’s foot to remind him that she’s hungry. Then … Continue reading