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Striker Strikes Gold

On December 17, 2017, in Orlando, Florida, Grand Champion Silverhall Strike Force, known as Striker for short, triumphed over nearly 5000 dogs to win Best in Show in the American Kennel Club’s National Championship.  Striker is an ASCOB Cocker Spaniel.  Cockers show in three distinct groups:  All black, Parti-colored (multi colored like Penelope and Leia) … Continue reading


Hi. I’m Penelope. And this month’s blog is all about me! Morris Animal Inn announced in their e-news letter that I was pet of the month. (Was there ever a doubt?)  Here’s what they said: “Penelope is a 10-year-old Parti-Colored Cocker Spaniel.  (Ah, they really didn’t have to mention my age, but read on.) And … Continue reading


I’m Princess Leia. In case you’d like to know what it’s like to be a princess,here’s your chance to walk in my paws. I live in Hoboken, New Jersey, a one square mile town on the Hudson River. I wag my tail at everyone I meet. Some people call me the mayor of Hoboken.  And in … Continue reading


A lot of pets think that they are human or some other animal. I once owned a rabbit that thought he was a dog and tried to bark. But that’s another story. Leia seems to think that she’s a cat. Or a monkey. Or a super hero. Whatever is going on in her spaniel puppy … Continue reading


Every year, we look forward to Easter. We get out our baskets. Then we search the house and yard, scanning trees and bushes, crawling under furniture, for pastel eggs that the Easter bunny left.  But all of that is in jeopardy this year. Penelope is “canine non grata” in Bunny Land. It began last year. … Continue reading