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In the News: Algae Alert!

What should have been a fun day at a local watering hole, ended in tragedy in North Carolina, when three dogs became seriously ill after swimming. All of them came in contact with toxic blue-green algae and experienced symptoms such as seizures or foaming at the mouth. Even though they were taken to a veterinary … Continue reading


He didn’t look like an athlete. Or much of a he-guy anything. Swisher was a fluffy white terrier that weighed ten pounds. And that was after he was water-logged from jumping into the kiddie pool. There may have been a papillion on his family tree, because he could flutter his ears whenever he wanted. Swisher … Continue reading


April showers bring May flowers. When stars huddle, the earth will puddle. Mares’ tails and mackerel scales make tall ships take in their sails.  Weather sayings can be wild.  Almost as wild as the month of March. So after the   February ground-hog gives us his two cents, we wonder about March. Will it come in … Continue reading


Mitzi had the wiry coat of a terrier, the tail of a retriever, and the heart of a hound. When something interested her, she didn’t bark. She tilted her head and wailed for all to hear. At Rover Reform, Mitzi enjoyed learning. And she enjoyed being rewarded even more. It didn’t matter if the reward … Continue reading