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A Dog Walked into a Bar

It was me!  Leia. My story began six years ago, when my humans stopped in to see my mom and sisters. I kicked my litter mates aside, looked these people in the face, and said, “Take me home.” As usual, I got my way. I love to chase balls. And play in the snow. And … Continue reading


The first, mirrors were probably pools of water or pieces of polished stone. Later, the ancient Egyptians created mirrors from polished copper and the Chinese, from polished bronze. By the 16th century, Venice became renowned for its mirror production. As mirrors evolved, so has the need for humans to check their images. However, only a … Continue reading


For the past month we have been awakening to an eerie drone, much like the sound effects of a sci-fi movie. Its source is something alien-like. Cicadas. This strain has slept underground for 17 years. They emerged in May. Soon their shells, cicada versions of sleeping bags, were everywhere. Sprouting wings, the cicadas whirred from … Continue reading