Welcome to Linda’s Blog House.

     Penelope, my partner in canine. and I are sniffing out what’s happening with mutts now. If you like funny stories about dogs and other woofs of wisdom, you’ve come to the right place.  Enjoy. Linda and Penelope.

Most Popular or Most Likely to Succeed

Did you know that the American Kennel Club tracks dog breed popularity?  Cocker Spaniels – like our Leia and Penelope – held the most popular dog title in the 1940s. Then they were overbred.  Maybe the honor went to their heads and they stopped being yappy-happy and not so pleasant to be around.  Luckily for … Continue reading

The Barker Bowl

It’s Super Bowl weekend and I’m watching Netflix. I know the Chiefs are playing, but I don’t know who they’re playing against.  I kind of lost interest when neither of the New York teams made the play-offs.  They never got close. Penelope is different.  She’s a free agent. So she got to go to a … Continue reading

January is for the dogs.

There’s a lot going on in January that your dog wants you to know about. Did you know that January is National Walk Your Pet Month? Of course, your dog thinks every month should be walk your pet month. But humans aren’t interested in every fire hydrant and squirrel that they encounter, and sometimes get … Continue reading

PAWS for a new decade

The holidays are over and the presents unwrapped.  Many pets got bouncy balls, fluffy squeak toys, and yummies they couldn’t wait to get into their tummies. And as the new year and new decade ring in, many are getting the best gift of all – a new home for 2020. Take our Audrey as an … Continue reading

Passing the Sniff Test

With the holidays upon us, visitors may be entering your home. Don’t be surprised if your dogs isn’t as happy as you are to see them. Lean to read your dog’s body language.  A wagging tail doesn’t always mean he’s happy.  It can also mean he’s stressed.  A calm dog will have a relaxed posture … Continue reading