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     Penelope, my partner in canine. and I are sniffing out what’s happening with mutts now. If you like funny stories about dogs and other woofs of wisdom, you’ve come to the right place.  Enjoy. Linda and Penelope. Advertisements

Cool Dogs

The dog days of summer are upon us. And here in New Jersey things have been heating up. With many days well into the 90’s, our furry friends are also feeling the heat. Those with thin, short coats, like chihuahuas and beagles seem to handle the temperature best. But snub-nosed dogs, like French bulldogs and … Continue reading

P Breaks Free

Poor Penelope. She had to have surgery. And with it came the dreaded collar. Now collars have gotten better since the Victorian version. (See Collared on an earlier Mutts.) They’re soft, inflatable, and much easier to use. Or not? Luckily the vet inflated mine so all I had to do was affix it to Penelope’s … Continue reading

A Motorvational Speech

It’s summer time. Vacation time. The call of the road is howling. So here are some travel tips for you and your best furry friend. Safety first. Before you leave the house, or dog house, make sure your car is equipped for pet safety.  Your dog should be contained in a carrier, a special pet … Continue reading

Sergeant Stubby

Last weekend was Memorial Day.  And in remembrance of our heroes, I would like to salute Sergeant Stubby. Sergeant Stubby was probably the most famous canine hero of World War I. He was an American pit bull terrier who served with the 102nd infantry in the French trenches for 18 months and 17 battles. During … Continue reading

What Kind Of Dog Is This?

Is this an Australian shepherd?  Maybe a kelpie? Here are some hints: .  It has owl-like vision and can swivel its head about 180 degrees. .  It has rotating wrists so its paws can be used like hands. That makes them extremely efficient at catching prey, climbing trees, and yes, even opening doors. .  Instead … Continue reading