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The Barker Bowl

It’s Super Bowl weekend and I’m watching Netflix. I know the Chiefs are playing, but I don’t know who they’re playing against.  I kind of lost interest when neither of the New York teams made the play-offs.  They never got close. Penelope is different.  She’s a free agent. So she got to go to a … Continue reading


The tangerine sun rose in the marshmallow skies. Could it be? The dawning of the Age of Aquarius? The flower power mobile showed up at Morris Animal Inn. And a kaleidoscope of groupies gathered for the first annual WOOFstock festival. Of course yours truly dropped in. (Just to see what condition my condition was in.) There … Continue reading


I recently took a vacation of a lifetime – a 12 day safari in Africa. Penelope took a vacation too. She went to the Morris Animal Inn, in Morristown, New Jersey. I saw cats.  The Morris Animal Inn had cats too. They were pampered guests in their own duplex condos surrounded by a glass wall of fish … Continue reading