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Life in a Rain FURrest

  Hi.  Penelope here. In the last Mutts, Leia told you about her summer.  Now let me tell you about mine. It rained! The rain started after the snow stopped falling.  Then it went on in April, May, June, July, and August. Nine out of the last thirteen weekends were wet.  Now it’s September and … Continue reading

Where’s the Dog?

Hi.  Leia here. I just wanted to tell you about my summer. My humans have a beach house at the Jersey shore. And this summer was hot! Usually I hang out on top of furniture. But it was so hot that I had to hide in the bathroom where the floor tiles are cool. On … Continue reading

Take Your Dog to Work

There are dogs that have full-time jobs, like sheepdogs, police dogs, and guide dogs for the blind. And there are dogs, like Daisy, that go to work with their owners.  Some dogs go every day. Others show up on a special Take Your Dog to Work Day. This was inspired by Pet Sitters International to … Continue reading

Cool Dogs

The dog days of summer are upon us. And here in New Jersey things have been heating up. With many days well into the 90’s, our furry friends are also feeling the heat. Those with thin, short coats, like chihuahuas and beagles seem to handle the temperature best. But snub-nosed dogs, like French bulldogs and … Continue reading

P Breaks Free

Poor Penelope. She had to have surgery. And with it came the dreaded collar. Now collars have gotten better since the Victorian version. (See Collared on an earlier Mutts.) They’re soft, inflatable, and much easier to use. Or not? Luckily the vet inflated mine so all I had to do was affix it to Penelope’s … Continue reading