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MUTTster Mash

Yesterday was Halloween. And not only did kids of all ages dress up, but their dogs did too. Every year, millions of people dress their pets in costumes. And this translates to millions of dollars spend on little doggie and kitty outfits. Here are some of the current favorites. Here’s Pup Canis.  Doesn’t he look … Continue reading


October 1 was National Black Dog Day. Until I read posts about it on Facebook, I hadn’t realized that black dogs are less likely to be adopted. It isn’t because of behavior, size, breeding, personality, or age.  It’s just that they’re black. What a shame. Many years ago we went to St. Hubert’s looking for … Continue reading

In the Dog House

Have you ever been in the dog house? Was it something that you did? Or was it something that you said? However, looking at some of the dog houses that exist, it’s really not a bad place to be. There are dog houses that have been inspired by famous architects. Any reminders of Frank Lloyd … Continue reading

Life in a Rain FURrest

  Hi.  Penelope here. In the last Mutts, Leia told you about her summer.  Now let me tell you about mine. It rained! The rain started after the snow stopped falling.  Then it went on in April, May, June, July, and August. Nine out of the last thirteen weekends were wet.  Now it’s September and … Continue reading

Where’s the Dog?

Hi.  Leia here. I just wanted to tell you about my summer. My humans have a beach house at the Jersey shore. And this summer was hot! Usually I hang out on top of furniture. But it was so hot that I had to hide in the bathroom where the floor tiles are cool. On … Continue reading