LESSON SIX. STAY. In the last lesson, you taught you dog to wait. Now your dog will learn to stay. What’s the difference between wait and stay? Wait is temporary. You’re asking your dog be polite and not race out when you open the door, or pounce on you while you‘re holding his dinner bowl. … Continue reading

Easter Egg Hunt 2020

We’re under lock down and Easter wasn’t the same. We weren’t the only ones who were isolated. The bunny was too. This year he didn’t hide eggs or chocolate candies at our house. But that didn’t mean that Leia and Penelope didn’t have fun. Leia had a treat party. A bunch of her favorites were … Continue reading


LESSON FIVE. WAIT. Dogs love games. It doesn’t matter if they hear give paw or leave it, it’s an opportunity for a treat. Wait is a game too. It’s a game of Mother, May I for your dog. Wait teaches your dog to be polite. For example: Don’t race out of the door while I’m … Continue reading

More April Foolery

Especially for English majors: What should you do when you see your dog chewing on a book?             Take the worlds right out of his mouth. *** Why did the man name his puppy Comma?             Because of its small paws. *** Why do dogs like conjunctions?             They just love butts. And for math … Continue reading