Okay. You’re probably thinking, “My dog know how to sit.”

Here’s a chance to review it and add in a hand signal to go along with the command.

Get your good treats ready.

l. Put a treat between your index finger and your thumb.

2. Say nothing at this point.

3. Move the treat over your dog’s nose, towards his tail. When he bends back far enough and has to sit, say, “Okay”, and give him the treat. (If he walks away, put him on his leash and stand on it.)

4. Do this three times without saying Sit.

The Rule of Three. For this exercise and all others, get your dog to respond to the action three times before adding in the next step.  When he’s successful, move on. If he’s not successful drop back and repeat the part he did perfectly a few times. Then move on.

Add in the word, Sit.

  1. When he has done the first exercise correctly three times, show him the treat, arc it towards his tail and say, “Sit”.
  2. When he sits, give him the treat.
  3. Only say sit once. You don’t want to have to go through life saying “Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit, Sit”.

Hand Signal.

  1. After your dog sits three times when he hears the word, add in the hand signal: Palm up.
  2. Hide the treat in your pocket or behind your back and say sit while lifting your palm up.
  3. When he sits, treat him from the hidden spot.


Ask your dog to sit while putting on his leash, waiting for his food bowl, and before getting out of his crate. He is learning good manners, so reward him for good behavior

Paws for Problems

Your dog jumps up for the treat: Step aside and ignore the jumping. Then, if he sits down, NO TREAT. He has to learn to sit the first time you ask him.

Your dog gets up just before getting the treat: Again, NO TREAT. Repeat the word, followed by the hand signal. Only treat when he gets it right.

Your dog is ignoring you: Up the ante by offering better or different treats.

Keep practicing.

See you soon for LESSON THREE. DOWN.

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