Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Baseball season is over. For months I followed the Yankees.  They were hot.  Really hot.  Until the play-offs.  Then they were not. After the play-offs I rapidly lost interest in baseball. But Leia did not. No one is as batty over a ball than Leia. She can chase a ball 24/7. 

Recently I can across some baseball dog toys from Bark, which are just right for the season. First and foremost there’s the ball – better yet a bunch of them – for your favorite major lick player.

baseball 2

And a squeaky Droolyville slugger bat.


baseball 4 Droolyville Slobber

No game is complete without ice cream and crunchy munchables. And a cold one during or after the game.  (For more fun, freeze it with peanut butter, or hide treats inside.)

baseball 6

Leia doesn’t care about fouls or strikes. She doesn’t care that opening day is months away. She only cares about one thing: THROW THE BALL!

Leia running 2