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Penelope hates fireworks. And she’s not alone. Like all dogs, Penelope doesn’t know the significance of the Fourth of July. She doesn’t understand the loud noises and flashing lights that come at different intervals. This poses a threat and triggers her fight-or-flight impulse.

Did you know that more pets run away on Fourth of July than any other day of the year?  So before the big bang begins, here are some tips to help your furry friend, thanks to the folks at Purina .

.  Keep your dog inside.  DO NOT take him along to the outdoor display.

.  Make sure that no doors or windows are open, and curtains and shades are closed. Also make sure that outside gates are closed as well.

.  Create a safe space, like your dog’s crate. Or put him in a small room, like a bathroom, along with his bed, blankets and toys to make him feel comfortable.

.  Try putting him into a calming wrap like a thundershirt.

P and fireworks 4.  Put on the TV and radio, to create white noise.

. And make sure your dog is wearing an ID on a properly fitting collar and is microchipped, in case he manages to bolt.

Not all dogs are afraid of fireworks, but they will take cues from you. So be calm, offer lots of hugs and kisses, and remind him that the Fifth of July will be a quieter day. And, as far as Penelope is concerned, that’s worth a celebration.