Beach Patrol

beach patrol i

Hi, Penelope reporting in.

Life is a beach. And the beach I’m most with familiar with is in Manasquan, New Jersey.

You might even say, I am unofficially on patrol.

beach patrol d

In the morning I see lobster and crab boats.

beach patrol b

Dogs come and go – always under my watchful eye.

beach patrol m

There are fishermen on the pier.

This one let me have a sniff.

Yuk.  Something only a cat could love.

beach patrol k

There are sea horses.

beach patrol 1

And places for everyone to grab a bite.

beach patrol j

Even me.

beach patrol l

In the evening, there are fireworks.

Of course this is a part of the beach that I could do without.

And after a long, hot day on beach patrol, I like to paws with a PUPsicle.

Here’s the recipe so your best friend can too.


PUPsicle recipe

1 ripe banana

4 C all-natural, unsweetened orange juice

½ C plain unsweetened yogurt.

Pour into a popsicle mold or, if you don’t have one, a paper cup.


These are best to enjoy on the beach because they can be a little messy — but oh, so good.

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