When a Window Closes, a Door Opens


Hi. Penelope here.  Let me tell you about my recent banking experience.

My mom and I bank at Chase. My mom told me that about a thousand dog years ago, she wrote their ads. She thinks that’s why we are here.


It’s because I picked Chase. And it wasn’t because it’s located right in the middle of Madison, New Jersey and convenient for everyone. And I mean everyone.

Santa ATM

The real reason is because of Patty and the drive-through window.

Patty is obviously a dog person and has always kept a jar dog biscuits next to her. So whenever we drove through, I would walk across my mom’s lap and gaze at her through the window with my they-never-ever-feed-me eyes.  Patty would drop a biscuit into the tray. And another one for the road.

Then, suddenly, the window closed.

Chare drive thru window

It’s because so many humans bank on line.  Really? The internet doesn’t throw free biscuits your way.  So was I disappointed!

But they say that when a window closes, a door opens – or something like that. So now we go inside.

P and Chase 2

The folks at Chase don’t mind. They know that I’m a V.I.P. (Very Important Puppy). Patty still takes care of my mom’s deposits. And, more important, she takes care of my withdrawals – double dog biscuits from the  cookie jar.

Patty and P

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