A Dog Walked into a Bar

It was me!  Leia.

My story began six years ago, when my humans stopped in to see my mom and sisters. I kicked my litter mates aside, looked these people in the face, and said, “Take me home.” As usual, I got my way.

I love to chase balls.

Leia running 2

And play in the snow.

Leia is a snowy mess after trying to climb some stairs.

And walk on the beach in Manasquan.

Leia and oceanWhen my humans watch late night baseball, I’m there with them, cheering on the New York Yankees.

I am also, unofficially, the mayor of Hoboken. Everybody there knows me, including people my mom and dad don’t know. So when I make the rounds, I try to expose my humans to new people.

Take the bars, for example. Bouncers say, “Hello, Leia”, and open doors.

Leia drinking 2

Bartenders invite me in and let me sit on the bar.

Leia drinking

Now this has led some to wonder if I have a drinking problem. Though I like to sneak a nip now and then, my humans keep an eye on me.  You’d think they’d respect a spaniel that has her own wine label.

Leia wine better 1

So from this spirituous spaniel, to you… Cheers.