MUTTster Mash

Yesterday was Halloween.

And not only did kids of all ages dress up, but their dogs did too.

Every year, millions of people dress their pets in costumes. And this translates to millions of dollars spend on little doggie and kitty outfits.

Here are some of the current favorites.

Halloween costume 1Here’s Pup Canis.  Doesn’t he look divine?

Halloween costume 2UPS has a special delivery.  Now that’s something to bark about.

Halloween costume 3Hakuna Matata. No worries about looking grrrrreat.

jaws with paws.jpgJaws with paws.

Halloween costume 4Something strange in the neighborhood? Better call Ghost PUPsters.


P bat

Penelope doesn’t like costumes, but she does like Halloween.  Trick or Treat always means lots and lots of good things to eat.



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