October 1 was National Black Dog Day.

Until I read posts about it on Facebook, I hadn’t realized that black dogs are less likely to be adopted. It isn’t because of behavior, size, breeding, personality, or age.  It’s just that they’re black.

What a shame.


Many years ago we went to St. Hubert’s looking for a dog. While we were there a black Labrador puppy came in.  His name was Aubrey and he looked so sad. His owners were moving and could not take him with them. So they did the best that they could. They brought him in for adoption.

My daughter was six at the time and it was love at first sight.

After the folks at St. Hubert’s checked him out and had him neutered, we picked him up.

Aubrey outweighed my daughter, yet would walk with her side by side. When she stopped, he sat down and waited for her to continue.

He was a goof ball that loved water. On a dog walk, a St. Hubert’s fund raiser, he commandeered the kiddie pool which was set up for the dogs to quench their thirst. No, he didn’t drink or snarl.  He stepped inside it, stretched out, and rendered it unfit for drinking.

Aubrey allowed himself to be dressed in costumes and do silly tricks, which earned him tons of prizes.

AubreyOnce we took him to the mall to have pictures taken for Christmas cards.  Aubrey posed for as long as he could, then bolted into an adjoining studio where a wedding photo shoot was going on. Our black dog ended up in some bride’s photo.  (I wonder if she kept it.)

Aubrey was with us for 16 years. He gave us millions of reasons to laugh and tried to give comfort when one of us cried.

Some have said that Aubrey was lucky that we adopted him. But we were the lucky ones.

Miss you big, black dog with the enormous heart of gold.


For more information on St. Hubert’s pet adoption, log on to or call 973-377-5012.