In the Dog House

Have you ever been in the dog house?

Was it something that you did?

Or was it something that you said?

However, looking at some of the dog houses that exist, it’s really not a bad place to be.

There are dog houses that have been inspired by famous architects.

Any reminders of Frank Lloyd Wright?

doghouse 9A Frank Lloyd Wright

Or a mushroom house, like Ed Young’s famous mushroom houses in

Charlevoix, Michigan.

dog house 9 mushroom house pretty good shot

Or a Bau Haus. Make that a Bow Wow House.

Bau Haus rev

A recycle house for the dog that brings home odds and ends.

dog house 8 recycles pretty good shot

Or a house of cards if your dog is a player.

doghouse 6 cards

And for a chihuahua, what could beat an adobe hacienda?

dog house 2 adobe

Penelope doesn’t live in a house like any of these. She lives with me.

P watching TV 1

 Or, to put things into perspective, she allows me to live with her.