Where’s the Dog?

Leia 101Hi.  Leia here.

I just wanted to tell you about my summer.

My humans have a beach house at the Jersey shore. And this summer was hot!

Usually I hang out on top of furniture. But it was so hot that I had to hide in the bathroom where the floor tiles are cool.

On top of that, the town our house is in does something really crazy.

They shoot off fireworks. Not only on the Fourth of July, but every week.


Every week?

I hate fireworks even worse than thunder. Oh yes, we have that too. So I hide under the bed until it’s safe to come out.

Leia on bed

Sometimes when I’m hiding, my humans panic and wonder where I am.

They call, “Leia.”

Silly humans.  You’d think they’d know that I only come out when I hear magic words like cookies or treats.

I can hear them saying to each other, “Where’s the dog?”

There’s a dog?

I guess I’d better come out and help them.

Now where is that dog?