Lost and Found

As I read the latest “St. Hubert’s Humane News” – the newsletter of St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center where I volunteer, I experienced an Ahhh  moment which I would like to share. Zeke 1

Zeke came to St. Hubert’s as a stray in early 2017. The staffed scanned him and found that he was microchipped. But the contact information for his owners had been entered incorrectly. After exhausting every possible avenue to find his owners, St. Hubert’s placed Zeke up for adoption.

During his stay here, the shelter staff noticed that Zeke was having trouble with his right eye, which eventually had to be surgically removed.  The procedure went smoothly and Zeke continue living his life with us as one big happy boy.

A year went by and Zeke was still available for adoption. Then a miracle happened!

A couple came in. They had heard from friends, who had visited a few days before, that they thought we had their dog, Zeke.

It was their Zeke!  And what reunion it was.  Both Zeke and his family cried with joy at the sight of seeing each other. Zeke was also reunited with his canine and feline siblings, all who were ecstatic to have him home. Zeke curled into his bed, the same one he had before getting lost. His family had kept it all of this time, hoping that he would return.


For more information on St. Hubert’s, visit https://www.sthuberts.org/

And for questions on how to update your pets’ microchip, contact our Pet Helpline at (973) 377-2253.