Cool Dogs

The dog days of summer are upon us. And here in New Jersey things have been heating up. With many days well into the 90’s, our furry friends are also feeling the heat.

Those with thin, short coats, like chihuahuas and beagles seem to handle the temperature best. But snub-nosed dogs, like French bulldogs and Boston terriers, have a harder time regulating their temperatures.

So when the thermometer rises, here are a few ways to help your dog beat the heat.

. Walk and exercise in the early morning or in the evening. Check the pavement and sidewalks.  If it’s hot it’s hot on paws as well.

ice cube water. Penelope loves ice cubes in the water bowl. But it doesn’t work for Leia who makes waves with her paws and fishes them out.

Figi in water. Fill a wading pool with water. Or take a dip in the dog-approved pool or lake.

Leia watermelon. Summer time is watermelon time.  And Leia goes crazy for watermelon. You can puree it and freeze it in ice cube trays, making ice pups.

P eating Fr Paws. Penelope isn’t a fan of watermelon, but likes Frosty Paws.

parfait-2 Sometimes we make our own ice pups with canned pumpkin mixed with plain yogurt.

As the temperature rises, know the signs for heatstroke:

. Rapid breathing and panting

. Excess salivation

. Fatigue

. Muscle tremors and staggering

If you spot any of these signs, get your dog inside, wrap him in cold welt towels, and call your vet.

And, of course, never leave your pet inside a hot car.


Meanwhile, enjoy the summer. All too soon we’ll be complaining about the cold.

March snow P





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  1. Love the pictures of Leia. Funny how they each prefer their water bowl….just like kids. Ice? No ice… Xo shz


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