It Takes Two to Tuggle

poodle tuggingMost kids and dogs love a game of tug of war. For dogs it’s a classic – almost like a game of fetch.

Some dog experts say that from a pup’s point of view, it’s a way to show who’s top dog. Some say it imitates the primal instinct to grab and shake prey. Still others say it’s a way of socializing. But all agree, it’s a wonderful way to bond with your dog.

As with all games, it’s best to pay attention to a few rules.

  • Keep the tug toy low. You want your dog to play, not learn to jump.
  • When you want the game to stop, let the tug toy go slack.
  • If you are accidently bitten, yell “OUCH!” – LOUD. And stop for a few seconds.
  • When the game is over (for you) put the tug toy away. That way it’s special and not easily destroyed.
  • And if any part of it is loose or broken, throw that part away.

What? You don’t have a tug toy handy?

Then make one yourself.  It’s easy.

Cut three 36 inch strips of fabric –Fleece is perfect but old towels or shirts will do

Lay them in a line and knot the end.

Then braid them and knot the other end.

tugAnd with that…

Happy tugs to you!