The Ornament Thief

P and tree 3It all started with an ear infection – something not uncommon to long spaniel ears. And it certainly wasn’t on Penelope’s Christmas list.

I took her to see the vet and came back with a large vial of ear drops, which had to be taken twice a day throughout the holiday season.

Penelope was not a fan.

I’m not beyond bribery. So whenever it was time to give Penelope the drops, she also got freeze-dried liver snaps. That’s when Penelope began sashaying around with a soft, fluffy kiwi ornament that she had taken off of the Christmas tree.

Give it back?


Unless, of course I was willing to make a deal. “Buy” the ornament back for a couple liver snaps. This, of course, started a precedent.

Wanting to preserve the kiwi (which I had brought back all the way from New Zealand)  and not wanting her to get sick, I placed a baby gate around the tree.

The dog that seldom barks, barked, and barked, and barked.

I guess you’d complain too if somebody put you out of business.


Happy Howl-a-days from Mutts.



2 thoughts on “The Ornament Thief

  1. Sounds like Penelope really really wants that ornament. 😀 Hope her ear infection clears up soon. They are no fun as we well know.

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