The Stork Has Landed

Remember Figi.  She’s a Portuguese Water Dog champion of previous Mutts fame. (See An Interview with a Champion and Just Fooling.)

Figi and Moose — another Portuguese Water Dog champion — have welcomed nine future champions to be.

There’s Cherry Pie. And Key Lime Pie. Don’t forget Chips Ahoy.

All of them sweet.  All are a joy.

Pups 6

Pups 4

Pups 8

There’s Peppermint Patty. And Sprinkles. And Fluff.

It’s hard to pick one. They’re all cute stuff.

Pups 5

Pups 3

Pups 1

There’s Chocolate Babka. And Pudding. And Canoli.

One’s brown, eight black, and all roly-poly.

Pups 9

Pups 2

Pups 7