In a recent “Mutts” we discovered the sploot.

Well, now it’s time to check out the blop.

Blop: actually pronounced blap in the dog’s dictionary means to…

  1. Stick out one’s tongue just a tiny bit.
  2. Informal to convey one’s disregard for the rules.

Here are some examples of dogs giving you’re a bit of sass.

The Labrador blop.

lab tongue

“Are you going to eat all of that burger?”

 The Chow blop.

chow tongue

“If I yawn you’ll put me in my crate, so I’ll blop.”

 The Jack Russell blop.

jack tongue

“I’m a sassy Jack, so blop.”

 We can always count on our Leia for a blop or two. Or three or more.

Leia June beauty shot

Leia getting wet

Leia on pier

Even when taking a formal portrait with Penelope.

Penelope and Leia

Which, I guess, makes Leia the Queen of the Blop.