A Pup-Lifting Day

A few weeks ago we posted the story of Friar Mustache who was adopted by a Franciscan monastery in Bolivia. (See A Pup-Lifting Story.) It was the brothers’ hope that other churches would open their doors to pets.

Recently, Somerset Hills Lutheran Church in Basking Ridge, New Jersey did just that. On a sunny May morning they had the Blessing of the Pets.  It was the brainchild and project of one of the young men about to be received into membership via confirmation.

The lawn was set up awaiting a congregation.

Bless 1

There were about 15 dogs of all sizes

Bless 10

Bless 9

Also a goldfish and a bunny – a very brave bunny.

Bless 7

Penelope was happy to be there, as were the other dogs. Although I can’t say for sure about the bunny.

Bless P

One by one they marched in a surprisingly orderly line to be blessed individually by Pastor Dan.

Bless 2

Bless 5


Bless 6

Whether they provide service, protection, or company, all pets are special. And all who attended agreed that it was a wonderful gesture to all of the creatures that enrich our lives.



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