Leia lounging 1


No, Leia is not pretending to be a flying squirrel. And though she’d like to, she can’t soar like Superman. What she is doing here is making herself comfortable with an all-out sploot.

According to the Urban Dictionary, a sploot is when a corgi lays flat on its belly with his or her hips spread out. corgi sploot

But as Leia proves, you don’t have to be a corgi to sploot.  It’s a stretch many types of dogs, as well as cats, do.

Although a typical sploot requires that both legs stick straight out, there are a couple of variations.

.  There’s the half sploot when only one leg sticks out.

.  And the side sploot when the legs don’t stretch straight but lean to one side.

There are a lot of reasons why a pet might sploot. Maybe, because stretching out feels so good.  Or, like Leia who spends her summers at the beach, it’s an inspired way of cooling off.

Like most dog owners, we find Leia’s sploots (and the expressions that go with them) amusing. So whenever we catch her in a sploot, we grab a camera and shoot.


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