A Pup-Lifting Story

As I was reading the on-line edition of BARK, I came across a story about a Franciscan monastery near the Andes in Cochabama, Bolivia. Among the many monks there, one stands out. He is under 2 feet tall. He probably weighs less than 40 pounds. And he is endowed with spectacular facial hair.

When he first arrived at the monastery, he was called Carmelo. But after being inducted into the order, he was give the more formal title of Friar Bigoton, which in English translates to Friar Mustache.

Friar M 3

Friar Mustache didn’t always live in the comfort of the monastery. He originally lived on the streets as a stray, like so many of the other unlucky animals all over the world. But with the help of Proyecto Narices Frias – or the Cold Nose Project – he was saved and adopted by the monastery.

Today, Friar Mustache happily runs and plays with his “brothers” and checks on the monastery’s goldfish.

Friar M

Among his many endearing habits, is the one that he wears.

Friar M 4

Proyecto Narices Frias and the work that they do can be found on Facebook. It is their hope that Friar Mustache’s story encourages other monasteries and churches to open their doors to pets in need. “If the churches adopt a dog and care for him like Friar Bigoton, we are sure parishioners would follow the example.”

Friar M 2

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