Just Fooling

It’s April, the month for fooling.

And here’s our friend Figi. You’ll remember her from a previous post, “An Interview with a Champion”. Well, Fiji loves to fool around  in front of a camera and has agreed to share some photos from her extensive portfolio.

Fiji as elf“”I love dressing up. And, as you know, I love going into competitions.”

Fiji in water“Here I am in the swimsuit competition.”

Figi with art & lei“And in the evening gown competition.”

Fiji gardening“My talent is gardening.”

Fiji birthday“All fooling aside, I’m always ready for a party.”

Figi and UCLA 2“Even though I’m a star, I’m also a team player.”

Figi pillows“Did you know that just looking at cute dog pictures (of me, of course), can reduce stress by 1000%?”

Figi painting“You’re welcome.”