Wadda Pair

It was a pretty good January by New Jersey standards.  Gray.  Gloomy.  But not a lot of snow.

Then came February – the warmest on record.

Then March.  Two days after a record 60+ degree day, this!

Snow!  Close to 2 feet of it!  Not pretty, light, and fluffy, but heavy, icy, and hard to shovel.

Penelope is whining.  She wants to go into the yard, but she’s afraid she’ll disappear.

Her case of whines got me wishing that I had a case of wine of my own.

And that got me thinking.  What kind of wine goes with what kind of dog treat?

In no way am I suggesting that you give your dog wine. But why not pair a dog treat for Penelope with a glass of wine for me? Now what would we like?

Penelope likes beef. So how about some beef grillers?  And I could sip a glass of a dark, rich, ruby Malbec.

Or Italian is always fun. Pup-peroni treats for Penelope and a nice Chianti for me.

Penelope also loves Liver Snax.  She has been known to steal socks for the dryer so that she can “sell” them back to me for Liver Snax. And after bargaining with her to get the socks back, I might like a glass of Cupcake Red Velvet – a blend of Zinfandel, Merlot and Petite Syrah.

Finally, we decided to go for a French touch. Duck Party Platter treats for Penelope and Luberon Rose with a hint of tropical fruit for me.


So as the storm howls outside, Penelope and I snuggle by a fire and watch an old movie. Her whine is subdued by the duck treats.  And my wine leads me to this toast…

Here’s to spring.  Please get here soon. And stay!

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