In a few days it will be St. Patrick’s Day. Although you may know a Murphy or two, we’d like to introduce you to another one.

Murphy is tall, dark and handsome.murphy-beauty-shot-2

He is easy to get along with.

Although he may be a little bit shy at first, he can easily be won over with gifts – preferably edible gifts.

All in all, Murphy is awesome.

Murphy is a Great Dane mix who currently resides at St. Hubert’s Animal Training and Welfare Center in Madison, New Jersey.

A mere 2 years of age, Murphy has out-grown all of that puppy silliness.  He has been coming to basic training class week after week with his mentor and handler, Nicole.

Murphy knows how to sit and lie down.  He knows how to wait politely until Nicole tells him “Okay”.


Murphy stays until Nicole calls him.


Even with other dogs watching, he runs to her and sits at her feet.


Murphy loves his toys.


 He goes to bed when Nicole tells him.

And he has had perfect attendance at St Hubert’s dog training school and will graduate with honors.

Murphy is very happy at St. Hubert’s, but he would be even happier in a forever home.

If you would like to get to meet Murphy and share your corned beef with him, call St. Hubert’s at 973-377-2296.

And to all of the Murphys and O’Briens and McKennas, and O’Conners and everyone else who celebrates the wearing of the green…