Rumor Has It

It was Valentine’s Day.  And it was the final night of the 141st Westminster Kennel Club Show at New York’s Madison Square Garden. And on this night, there was a Rumor going around.

rumorIt was Rumor – a 5-year old German Shepherd champion who was making a repeat appearance.

Rumor was the big favorite last year.  She won best in breed and best in his group – the herding dogs.

He got all the way into the finals were seven dogs vie for Best in Show.

The judge announced, “The winner is the German…”

The crowd went wild. The cheering and applause drowned out the remainder of the sentence.

The judge repeated, “The winner is the German Short-haired Pointer.”


Rumor didn’t win?!


CJ ran off with the title. And he had earned it.

Another year and another Westminster.

Rumor was back in the Big Apple. And he went through the entire process again.

He easily won the best breed over all of the other competing German Shepherds.

In his group he competed against such outstanding champions such as Allure At Wyndstar, the Pembroke Welsh Corgi. And Clever Endeavor, the Border Collie.

Rumor won the herding group for a second time at Westminster – a feat that is almost unimaginable.

Again the big night came. And again the crown went wild.

The judge announced, in a dramatic whisper, “The winner is the German Shepherd.”

Comeback kid?

No, a remarkable and true champion.

So as Valentine’s Day was coming to a close, Rumor headed to the winner’s circle. And the crowd was clearly in love.rumor-wins

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