Surfing Sa-FUR-i

If everybody had an ocean

Across the U.S.A.

Then everybody’d be surfin’

Like Californi-a

From The Beach Boys: “Surfin’ U.S.A.”

Surf’s up! All along the Atlantic and Pacific surfers are out. And even the furry set is hanging paws.

surfin 1Spectators flock to Imperial Beach, California, to watch dozens of dogs ride the waves in the annual Petco Unleashed surf dog competition. Proceeds raised go to benefit the San Diego Humane Society.

surfer dog 2Then there’s Ricochet, a golden retriever surfing champion who is also a therapy dog. She travels around, instilling confidence and a love of surfing in kids with special needs.


Ricochet 3



Is your dog looking for the perfect wave?

If you think so, here are some tips from instructor Teevan McManus as told to “Costal Living” magazine.

  • Some dogs like the ocean. Some don’t. Whether or not to doggie paddle has to be your dog’s decision, not yours.
  • Life vests are a must. When faced with sink or swim, some short-legged, heavy-set dogs sink. Even if your dog knows how to swim, always be safe.

eng bull cropped

  • Start in shallow water so your dog feels safe. Give your dog a treat to get him on to a board. If he enjoys the idea of being a surfer dog, walk out gradually until the board is picked up by a wave, then let go.
  • Let your dog find his own style – facing the beach, backing in to the beach, standing up or lying down.

So if your dog has a hang loose attitude, wax up your board and join the Surf-FUR-i.