Life is a Beach (And this one is for the dogs.)

Manasquan, New Jersey, has a beautiful beach on the Atlantic.

gulls on beach 2

But from April 1 to October 31, it is strictly for humans.

However, it also has a beach on the Manasquan River, which feeds into the ocean.

And this beach is for dogs.

dog beach 11

Penelope and I checked it out.

dog beach 10

Although Penelope is a sporting dog, water sports aren’t a part of her deal.  Instead, her idea of a good time is rolling in the sand, seaweed and shells. But I voted nay and I’m bigger than she is. So we compromised and walked along the shore.

dog beach 8

Penelope met a Yorkie named Lexi.

dog beach 13

And a lab named Moose.

dog beach 9

Moose seemed to say, “Come on, Penelope. Look at that yellow lab having fun.”

dog beach 6

Put unlike the yellow lab, Penelope wouldn’t put a paw anywhere near the water.

dog beach 2

Instead, her interest leaned toward a nearby café which sold happy meals for dogs.

dog beach 15

So while the other dogs frolicked, Penelope snacked.

And everyone enjoyed the dog days of summer.

Lucky dogs!

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