Many years ago, my aunt visited her sisters in Germany. Having lived apart from them in the US for decades, the sisters decided to get the gang together in an unconventional way.  They invited everyone to Cat-tism — a baptism for cats. And, of course, a reunion with my aunt.

So, with this being a dog blog, the question arose, how about special celebrations for dogs?

There are a lot of them. We celebrate our dogs’ birthdays. Don’t you?

Bubba Rose 3

Leia bd 3

There are a lot of other special days too. Like Saint PUP-tricks day.

St P Fiji

And HOWL-o –ween


Penelope enjoyed her visit with Santa PAWS.

Penelope & Santa

And right up there with Cat-tisms, are BARK-MUTTSvahs.

Moose yarmaka

Which just goes to show that any excuse is a good excuse for a celebration. And a PAWdy!