Penelope received a Bark Box in celebration of the 2016 Chinese Lunar New Year. P chinese bark box

The calendar is marked by the Shengxiao or Chinese zodiac which predicts health, wealth and compatibility with 12 animal designations. 2016 is officially the year of the monkey. But to Penelope, this year (and every year) is the year of the dog.

In Penelope’s Bark Box, there was a squeaky, fuzzy fortune cookie with lucky numbers. fortune cookie

Penelope’s lucky number was 2 — for these two Asian-inspired edibles.

P chinese 2

To add to the fun, the folks at Bark Box cleverly compiled FUR-tunes for all of our doggie pals, according the years in which they were born. Will your dog be prosperous or PUP-posterous?  Have a look and see.

Chinese Calendar jpg pic 3

Chinese Cal pic 1

Chinese Calednar pic 2

Meanwhile — Mutts wishes all of you happiness and good FUR-tune in the Lunar New Year.

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