It’s mid-January and the beaches here in New Jersey are bare.  Bare of sunbathers and wave hoppers. Bare of lifeguards and barely there bikinis. Bare. But not quite empty.


There are a few people hiking and jogging on the beach. Until April, they can bring along their dogs.

Leia recently discovered the Jersey shore. (We New Jerseyans don’t call it a beach, we call it a shore.)

Now Leia has gone swimming in a puppy pool and knows a thing or two about the doggie paddle.

Leia in pool

So seeing water is nothing new for her. But an ocean! That was a first. And thrilled she was that she had an entire ocean just for her. (Maybe it should be noted that Leia’s ego is a lot larger than she is.)

She frolicked along the sand and let other shore inhabitants know that this was her turf. And, as far as the Atlantic is concerned, an ocean has to know its limitations.

Leia barked at the incoming waves. The waves retreated. More waves came in. Leia barked some more. Again the waves backed off. Leia was persistent. So was the ocean. If the Atlantic could speak, it would probably say, “Knock yourself out.”

Leia and ocean

And that’s exactly what Leia did.

Leia Jan 25 1


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