A long time ago (way back in September) in a galaxy far, far away (in Morristown, New Jersey), there were whisperings far and wide: The force would soon awaken. Hearing the rumors, Penelope went over to the bark side.

 She zoomed the galaxy with Princess Leia, who was impressed by her Yoda-like wisdom.Star Wars P and P Leia

She met a Jedi knight, a handsome dog, who was just her type.Star Wars Harry Potter 2

 Together they raced around in their space ships, looking not for the Death Star, but for Sirius – the Dog Star.Star Wars Harry Potter

Stopping on the forest moon of Endor, they encountered Ewoks.
Star Wars ewok

They invited them to play laser tag.
Star Wars glactic games 2

And served them Wookie Cookies.  (They were chewy.)wookie cookies

Penelope thought they were delicious.P and wookie cookie

Luckily, nobody acted like Juba the Mutt. The cute side

So until THE FORCE AWAKENS on December 17…The Cute Side P May the cute be with you.

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  1. Very nice! Thank you for sharing. Hope you have a wonderful holiday.


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