Is this a collie or a sheltie?

Turffles collie pup

Not sure?

Well don’t feel sheepish about it. Because no matter what you’ve “herd”… here’s the scoop.

Collies are medium-sized livestock-herding dogs that trace their origins to Scotland and Northern England. Approximately 21 to 25 inches long and weighing around 65 pounds, collies come with different types of coats.

Tess and her friend, shown here, are rough-coated collies.

Alex and Texx

There are also smooth-coated collies like Sam.

Sam flat coat

Hard-working border collies, like Shep.

sheep dog 3

And bearded collies like Truffles, snuggling up with a rough-coated collie friend.

Collies in love

In the early 20th century, James Loggie added a small rough-coated collie to his breeding stock and helped establish a new breed that was called a Shetland collie. This caused a controversy among rough collie breeders, so the breed’s name was formally changed to Shetland sheepdog, or sheltie for short. Sheltie Jack

Shelties are not miniature collies, but a distinct breed of herding dog. They are approximately 14 inches long and weigh around 15 to 20 pounds. Shelties, like Jackson, are vocal, excitable, energetic dogs that are always willing to please and work hard herding sheep.

So is the dog in the picture above a collie or a sheltie?

It’s Beau, a rough-coated collie puppy, who will someday grow up to look like this.

Teddy in the snow

Except for Shep, the other collies don’t see a lot of sheep these days. But they live a dog-gone good life enjoying walks, running in the park, and endless snacks. Afterwards, you can find them lounging on the couch watching re-runs of their favorite TV show – “Lassie”, of course.




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