There’s a nip in the air.  Across the USA crowds roar. When Game Day arrives, both two-legged and four-legged fans go wild.

Two-legged fans sport their favorite team colors. PSU tail gate 2

And that includes cheer gear for their four-legged buddies

PSU cheer gear 2

PSU cheer gear 3 PSU cheer gear 4

This was the case at the Penn State-Rutgers game in State College, Pennsylvania.

And that great Game Day tradition: Tail Gating.

The humans ate, drank, and went wild. 

PSU tail gate

And the four-legged crowd gobbled it all up.

Game day is paw-some.

A Pizza? Paw-some.

A pizza? Paw-some!

Leave it to a bloodhound to sniff out the best barbecue.

PSU tail gate bloodhound

So when your team gets together for Game Day, bring your four-legged friends —

and put  the tail wag into tail gate.