Recently – collie owners  from , well  everywhere,  traveled  PUP-state  to Wayne, New Jersey for the 19th Annual Gathering at Sunnybank for the benefit of the Collie Health Foundation.

There were flat-coated collies.

collie 2 flat pup

And rough. (Or should we say ruff?)

collie 1 1

And like this Skye, there were spies.

Skye spy

The weather was hot. But all of the dogs were cool. For two days they amazed — showing off their nose work and pet therapy skills. And they entered competitions where they were judged for their profiles, expressions, and gaits.

collie 3 judging

There were auctions for collie artwork.


And booths selling all kinds of goods, like these collie-inspired signs.

collie signs

Everywhere you looked, there was a flurry of furries.

collie 5 cookies

Tess came up all the way from Maryland, where she caught up on the latest news with her friends.

Alex and Texx

And at the end of the day, (a very hot day),she found the perfect spot to beat the heat,

while dreaming of things that collies like to dream about.

cool tess