Rowan 2c
Last week, Sergeant Rowan made a return visit to the Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, New Jersey.  (See last month’s “Helping Heroes”.)

Sergeant Rowan (yes, he is a real sergeant commissioned by the US Army) was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and worked as a bomb sniffing dog for eight years. He is one of the thousands of dogs that have risked it all in the protective service of our military, working to detect explosives, drugs, weaponry, and much more. After his service, he was adopted by his handler’s family. He was later diagnosed with and beat thyroid cancer.

Recently, on a hot August day, Sergeant Rowan delighted a crowd of adoring fans who came out to meet him in person (or in canine) and see him demonstrate his special skills.

He showed us how he patrolled.

Rowan 2b

When he detected an explosive he sat to indicating where it was hidden.

Sgt R sitting

And if a suspicious character appeared – watch out!

Rowan 4b

Nobody in the crowd was suspicious. So Sergeant Rowan demonstrated his favorite behavior —

meeting and greeting fans of all ages.

Rowan 1b

The purpose of Sergeant Rowan’s visit was threefold:

1) To raise funds to help reunite military dogs with their handlers once their work overseas is done.

2) To provide support for dogs currently service overseas with care packages.

3) To provide care in the form of medication for dogs in need.

The Morris Animal Inn is actively supporting United States military working dogs with Operation: War Dogs. This week they are accepting donations for Mission K9 Rescue and the United States War Dogs Association – both non-profit organizations.

For more information, visit: