There are over 2000 dogs currently serving overseas in the protective service of our military personnel. They have worked to detect bombs, drugs, weaponry, and much more.


Sgt Rowan 3

Sgt Rowan 4

After completing their service, they deserve a chance to rest and play. Once they retire, the dogs become civilians and can be reunited with their handlers. But this is often difficult due to high costs of transportation.

Recently, Sergeant Rowan made a public appearance at the Morris Animal Inn in Morristown, New Jersey to spread the word about Operation: War Dogs. Sgt Rowan 1Sergeant Rowan is a commissioned and now retired U.S. war dog who was deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan. After serving 8 years as a bomb-sniffing dog, he was adopted by his hander’s family. But many dogs, like Sergeant Rowan, need help. Donations are needed to bring them back on U.S. soil to either be reunited with their handlers or adopted.

In addition to cash donations, care packages and items that make any tail wag are appreciated.

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The Morris Animal Inn will receive donations and has established a goal of $10,000 to help.
For more information on these causes and how you can help, check out these websites.