Is this a Doodle or a Poo?

Aust labradoodle2

Doodles and Poos are “designer dogs”.  They were literally designed to enable those who are allergic to fur to own and enjoy a pet dog.  What Doodles and Poos have in common is that one of their parents is a Poodle.  Poodles have hair, not fur — lots of curly locks. Poodles don’t shed and have to be clipped or, in show dog world, coiffed.

When Poodles are bred with dogs like Labradors and Golden Retrievers, they’re called Labradoodles and Golden Doodles. Here’s how it works:

One Poodle.

Poodle prep 1


One Golden Retriever.


And the result is Charley — a Golden Doodle.

.Rocky doodle

It works the same with Bernese Mountain Dogs and Poodles. Which makes Maddie a Bernie Doodle.

Bernie doo pup Maddie 2

The same thing is true with Poos. Like The Mayor here, a Cocka-Poo. His parents are a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle.


Doodles and Poos come in all colors and sizes. However, it cannot be guaranteed that they won’t shed. Just as they take after their parents’ size and coloring, they may inherit the other parent’s fur, not hair.  When that happens, so do allergic itches and sneezes.

So is dog in the picture on the top a Doodle or a Poo?

It’s an Australia Labradoodle. That’s part Labrador. part Poodle and, maybe, even a smidgeon of Australian Cattle Dog.

But whether a dog is a Doodle or a Poo, one thing is for certain.  Doodles and Poos are cutie pies. And they can be loving, loyal and a lot of fun.