There’s an expression: You are what you eat. aubrey

And Rocky lived up to his name.

Ever since he was a young lab, Rocky ate everything. And it didn’t have to be in his dog bowl.

Rocky polished off the table scraps — sometimes before they had even left the table. He inhaled popcorn and other in-front-of-the-TV snacks, whether or not anyone offered them. He chomped on shoes and underwear. He chewed holes into garbage bags. And, he ate the driveway.

stonesRocky’s family first noticed it when they brought Rocky back from a romp at the dog park. Rocky bounced out of the car and picked a few stones up in his mouth before zooming into his house to see if anything had been added to his bowl. His family didn’t think much about it until it was time to go out again. Rocky squatted, strained, and gave a little yelp. Running over to see what the matter was, they noticed some stones sticking out of Rocky’s — well,’er — poop. Not wasting a moment, they called the vet who said, “Don’t let him eat stones.”

Everyone in the family went on high alert whenever Rocky went outside. Still, he picked up stones. And he was fast. He swallowed them in an instant, knowing that if he didn’t, someone would force his mouth open and make him drop them.

Luckily things worked out – literally — and the stones passed. However, at Rocky’s next visit to the vet the family was told that if Rocky stopped eating and showed distress, he would need surgery. And he strongly suggested that Rocky wear a muzzle every time he went outside. Not that Rocky would bite anyone – just stones.

Whenever it was time to go out, Rocky raced through the house trying to avoid the dreaded muzzle. It cramped his mouth and it cramped his style. But, it worked. Properly muzzled, Rocky could no longer scarf up stones.

Six months came and went and no stones came and went with them. Rocky’s family figured he was cured. So one fine day they let him out, muzzle-free. Rocky raced around the yard, dashed to the driveway, and grabbed a few stones. Back came the dreaded muzzle.

Rocky still eats everything in his bowl, scraps on or off of the table, and all the treats he can beg off of anyone. But every once in a while he manages to sneak in a stone or two. So far, Rocky has been lucky. Everything has come to pass.