I’m Princess Leia.
Im Princess LeiaIn case you’d like to know what it’s like to be a princess,here’s your chance to walk in my paws.

Leia and Freedom TowerI live in Hoboken, New Jersey, a one square mile town on the Hudson River. I wag my tail at everyone I meet. Some people call me the mayor of Hoboken.  And in New Jersey, that’s the same as royalty.

Last weekend I went to a canine cotillion.  It was a fund raiser for St. Hubert’s animal shelter in Madison, New Jersey. It was held at a hotel and very formal.

Some dogs wore designer dresses.

cotillion 4

This guy wore a tux.

cotillion 6

She must be a dancer.

cotillion 7

I wore my Star Wars collar and leash — after all, I’m Princess Leia.

The next day I went to Bark in the Park to see the New York Mets play ball.

princess 2

A lot of the fans were happy to see me.

Leias Mets fans

When we walked around the playing field, one of the Mets bowed. I guess he had heard I was a princess.

Princess 6

We had great seats. I barked whenever they hit the ball. It worked because they won. 7 to 6.

Princess 4

And, of course, I’m always ready to smile at the pup-arazzi.

Princess 5

And there you have it.

Leia lounging 1Another princess weekend.

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