mail truck

It’s the same every morning.

 The mail carrier drives down the road.

 Then there’s a thump at the front door.

 To me, it doesn’t sound like a major thump. Perhaps the wind blew a branch across the window. But Penelope’s ears perk. She dives off of the bed and races for the door. I check.  It’s a package. Penelope jumps up and down, tail wagging. The happy dance begins.

 Leia waits at her front door. If no one comes along, the barking starts. There must be a package. For her!

 Once a month, both Penelope and Leia get a Bark Box – a package just for them.  (Yes! We have spoiled spaniels!)

Penelope goes on full alert and Leia’s eyes pop wide open when packages come in. Both are visibly disappointed when the packages are for their humans and not them.

 When it’s a Bark Box – life is good.

  Bark Box 3
    Very good.

 Bark Boxes come individually or by subscription.

Bark box 4

 Each month they include toys and exotic natural snacks in a coordinated theme.

Last month’s Bark Box was a pirate’s booty of goodies that included a squeaky bottle with a message. bottleLeia was overjoyed, squeaking it non-stop, keeping her owners (and neighbors) awake for hours.

Leia bottle 3

And, shiver me timbers, there was a bone – a fluffy one that said “fetch”. It was Penelope’s immediate favorite. There was also a squeaking pineapple, but the squeaky bottle and bone were the real treasures. Bark box 5

Buried under the toys were treats. Each dog got a buffalo beef stick and a bag of Grandma Bowser’s Country Baked Biscuits for Very Good Dogs in mai tai mango passion.

Bark Box 2

Grandma Bowser

Aaargh, a pup’s paradise wouldn’t be complete without microwaveable cubes containing pure yak’s milk. Each cube goes into the microwave for about 90 seconds and expands into something that resembles a giant crouton. But the way Penelope cries – really cries – in front of the microwave, you would think it takes 90 minutes. (Did I mention that our spaniels are spoiled?)

With some luck, the bottle, pineapple, and fluffy bone will about a month. The noshables, not so long. Then it’s time for another Bark Box to arrive.


Is that the postman?

Again, the furry frenzy begins.

Sorry Leia.

Sorry Penelope.

This package is for me!

For information on Bark Boxes, visit faq.barkbox.com!


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